In the Monastic Foundation of the Blessed and Immaculate Virgin Mary, monks live a common life (religious community) according to the Holy Rule of Saint Benedict. Under the guidance and direction of a superior, they chant the Divine Office in choir at prescribed Hours throughout the day and night, and lead a life of discipline, penance and the cultivation of virtue. The monks work and study within the confines of the monastery (cloister), earning their living by the work of their own hands, so that in all things God may be glorified.

Benedictines profess vows of obedience, conversion and stability, and in all they do they attend to the Work of God (Opus Dei); that is, they strive to cooperate with the operation of divine grace, by rendering to God in the Holy Liturgy the worship He is due, by the contemplation of His Revelation with faith in their minds, by obedience to His Commandments with hope in their wills, and by the love of Christ with charity in their hearts. Whether in Heaven, in the Holy Eucharist or in one’s neighbor, monks strive never to place anything whatsoever before the love of Christ.

Other than this, Benedictines have no formal apostolate, but they do practice hospitality by the reception of guests, and perform spiritual and corporal works of mercy for the poor and the needy. In earning their livelihood, Benedictines may produce intellectual or artisanal works, or teach, usually within the cloister.

Although the monastic life is properly a religious vocation, some Benedictine monks may also have a vocation to the priesthood. The superior may respond to requests for assistance from the bishop by having a priest monk dispense the sacraments or perform some other priestly duty compatible with his monastic profession.