Saint Benedict

Fuit vir vitae venerabilis, gratia Benedictus et nomine... Cum sanctus vir diu in virtutibus signisque succresceret, multi ab eo ad omnipotentis Dei sunt servitium congregati: ita ut illic duodecim monasteria cum omnipotentis Iesu Christi Domini opitulatione construeret, in quibus statutis Patribus duodenos monachos deputauit, paucos vero secum retinuit, quos adhuc in sua præsentia aptius erudiri iudicauit.

(Sanctus Gregorius Magnus, in secundo libro Dialogorum)

There was a man of venerable life, blessed by grace, and Benedict by name, ... a holy man who continually increased in virtues and miracles, by whom many were drawn together in the service of Almighty God, so that, by the assistance of our Lord Jesus Christ, he established twelve monasteries, in each of which he put twelve Monks over which he appointed superiors, and retained a few with himself whom he decided would profit more and be better instructed by his own presence.

(Saint Gregory the Great, Second Book of Dialogues)

His Excellency Bishop Thomas JF Sebastian, SSCR

Domui Dei dignum constituant dispensatorem, scientes pro hoc se recepturos mercedem bonam, si illud caste et zelo Dei faciant. (Regula LXIV)

Let them appoint a worthy steward over the house of God, knowing that for this they shall receive a good reward, if they do it with a pure intention and zeal for God. (Holy Rule, Chapter 64)

His Excellency, the Most Reverend Thomas J.F. Sebastian, SSCR, is the Founder and Prior General of the Priestly Society of Christ the King. Born on May 13, 1963, and raised in Southern California, he attended Saint John's Seminary College (for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles), then continued his studies at Mater Dei Theological Seminary in Omaha, Nebraska. In response to a true and real need, His Excellency accepted the call to the Catholic Episcopacy and was consecrated in Kent, England, on the Feast of Saint Matthew, 1997. Since then, His Excellency has established or taken under his protective care a number of churches and chapels throughout the United States, and is also the founder and spiritual protector of several convents and religious communities.

His Excellency's apostolate is centered upon the restoration of all things to Christ and of the Mystical Body of Christ, which has fallen into confusion. His Excellency's love for Christ the King, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Blessed and Immaculate Virgin Mary have been at the forefront of his mission to return all Christians to the venerable traditions, disciplines and practices of the Church as they were before the disastrous changes implemented since the second half of the twentieth century. It is His Excellency's love of the Papacy and the true teachings of the Holy Fathers, the Popes, that fuel his courage to stand up against the heresy of Modernism and the vices it engenders.

Senior eis talis deputetur qui aptus sit ad lucrandas animas, qui super eos omnino curiose intendat et sollicitudo sit si revera Deum quaerit. (Regula LVIII)

Let a senior who is able to profit souls be appointed to watch over him with the utmost care, and to see whether he truly seeks God. (Holy Rule, Chapter 58)

Bishop Sebastian has entrusted the discernment, reception and formation of vocations to the religious life in the Monastic Foundation to a monk who was formed and professed vows at the Benedictine Abbey of Saint Joseph de Clairval in Flavigny-sur-Ozerain, France, and who studied at the Benedictine Abbey of Sainte-Madeleine in Le Barroux, France.

This priest has also been appointed by Bishop Sebastian to serve at the Oratory of the Immaculata and to care for the Faithful seeking the Sacraments.